// Testimonials //

One of the most beautiful flamenco dancers in California. Laura is not only excellent in style, experience, expression, and form, but is a beautiful human being as well.

How fortunate for students to be able to study with her! She’s the real thing!

Love performing with her. What a treat!
— Aida Ganddini
Amazing instructor, beautiful performer.
— Elizabeth Azamatov
I’d been looking for a dance class for my seven-year-old daughter for a few years, but wasn’t sure what form of dance would be the right fit. Ballet seemed too regimented, and hip hop too mature. I couldn’t find the right mixture of fun and training along with the body positive environment that I was seeking. Then I met Laura and found out about her flamenco classes. It was the perfect fit. Laura is a kind, warm and caring teacher who makes each child feel special and valued. Along with being an amazing dancer, she is someone the girls can look up to. Her positive message of having fun and being passionate resonates with my daughter and our family. Children get to experience all of the fun of this beautiful form of dance - along with gorgeous music and dramatic flare - plus the skirt and shoes are super fun to wear! We’re so lucky to have found Laviva and her classes.
— Stacey Hegarty
Laura Vila is a wonderful flamenco dance instructor! She is incredibly patient, kind, and filled with such joy to what she is teaching you, that you are put at ease and want to learn even more. I thoroughly enjoy taking her classes and highly recommend her.
— Michelle Erwin
We were thrilled to find flamenco classes for our six year old daughter. We were even more thrilled when we met the instructor, Laura. Not only is she an amazing flamenco dancer, she is very professional, patient, and kind. Our daughter loves her and looks forward to coming to class each week. I even signed up for the adult classes myself!
— Marisa Montoya Marken
Laura Vila is a beautiful and talented dancer that has performed in our dance company. She is also a great person, and if you live/work in Orange County you should definitely take her classes!
— Katerina Tomás
I haven’t been in a dance class in 20 years! Laura is patient, skilled and fun! She got me dancing in a very short time and now I’m performing in front of audiences!
— Debbie Kasper
Excellent Flamenco dancer, I have seen her live and it’s just amazing. I totally recommend Laviva Flamenco!
— Yoanella Blanco